2018 WCC Annual Meeting
2019-04-03 관리자

The World Chlorine Council has many accomplishments that we can point to with pride. First, we welcomed a new member, the Korea Chlor Alkali Industry Association (KCAiA), which has committed to upholding WCC safety standards and furthering WCC’s goals. At our productive meeting in Buenos Aires, we shared important updates from the different regions, which helped us identify emerging issues. Furthermore, this year there was a marked increase in the openness of members sharing chlorine incidents around the globe that fostered deeper discussions to help the industry prevent future incidents. Thank you to the members for sharing such information. Our organization has also inserted our benefits messages into the realm of the new UN Sustainable Development Agenda, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or “SDGs.” Dolf van Wijk hands the leadership of Euro Chlor to Marleen Pauwels, I want to thank him for his guidance and commitment to WCC over the years. Dolf was critical to WCC’s partnership with the UN on mercury and has helped make WCC the reputable and distinguished organization it is today. He leaves WCC and Euro Chlor in good hands with Marleen. I am certain she will continue to help further Euro Chlor’s and WCC’s prominence in Europe and globally.