2018 WCC Safety Seminar
2018-11-02 관리자

On July 25-26 ,2018 WCC held a Safety Seminar in Perth, Australia in cooperation with Australian producers Coogee, Ixom and NuFarm. The WCC Safety Seminar exceeded expectations in participant engagement. Every speaker provoked a significant amount of questions and discussion. On day one, the seminar covered topics including Jack Rabbit testing, lessons learned, process safety management (PSM) expectations, safety cases, WCC Cardinal Rules, employee training, mechanical integrity, accidental mixing, key process indicators, and best practice development. A key issue globally of accidental mixing was covered in the seminar and has been highlighted in the Global Safety Newsletter. Throughout regions, numerous incidents have occurred indicating the need to continue to focus on this area. The Global Safety Newsletter will continue to highlight available resources. On the second day, participants went to the nearby Coogee Chemical Facility in Kwinana where Coogee personnel provided a very detailed facility tour which highlighted their PSM practices. The hosts did a great job providing insight into their safety culture and practices. This Safety Seminar was the first one held in Australia since 2007, underscoring the need to share such important information around the globe. The seminar had 61 registrants from the chlorine chemistry industry, including participants from Chemistry Australia, the association representing Australia’s chemistry industry.