WCC Chairman do Vale: “We deliver an essential contribution to a sustainable world”
2015-11-18 관리자
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The WCC Chairman concluded that “the chlor-alkali chemistry is making an essential contribution to a sustainable world”. Mr. do Vale also underlined that the organization represents more than 85 % of globally installed chlor-alkali capacity. He noted that one of the core businesses of the organization is the development of science-based global communication and advocacy. A major topic for some regions remains the phasing out of the use of mercury as a catalyst in chlor-alkali production. Today, some 4.9 million tonnes of mercury are present in chlor-alkali units but all use of mercury by our industry must be phased out by the period 2020-2025. A process fully supported by the WCC. The WCC General meeting took place in Delhi, India, on October 15th.